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RMA Research Chronicle

Editor of RMA Research Chronicle

Dr Paul Watt

Monash University

Founded in 1961, the RMA Research Chronicle (a refereed journal) is unique among English-language publications in its emphasis on the raw materials of musicology: indexes, catalogues, inventories, calendars, and similar information.

From 2012, the RMARC will broaden its focus to include all areas of music research (ethnomusicology, popular music, music cognition and music and science inter alia). while retaining its concentration on the publication of indexes, catalogues and so on. The journal will be published online and, in addition to including conventional scholarly apparatus, articles can include colour photographs and graphics, screen grabs and audio and video files.

Volume 43 was published in the summer of 2010 and incudes articles on Restoration Lyra-Viol and Keyboard Music, London Concert Life in the 1690s, Stephan Kenckel’s Collection of Music and Musical Instruments, Musicians for Performances of Handel’s Messiah at the Foundling Hospital, and Dr. William Boyce's music catalogue.


Volume 44 onwards

You will recieve copies of the RMA Research Chronicle as part of your membership.

Volumes 1-43

RMA members may order copies of volumes 1-43 at a 50% discount. Contact:

Executive Officer:

Dr Jeffrey Dean

4 Chandos Road
M21 0ST
United Kingdom


Enquiries about possible contributions are welcomed - please contact the journal editor (see details above).

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