Call for applications to join the RMA Student Committee, 2020

The Royal Musical Association is currently recruiting new members for its Student Committee. As of January 2020 there will be two vacancies on the Committee, one Student Representative, and one Ordinary Member, both for a two-year term.

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About the RMA

The Royal Musical Association is the largest and oldest learned society for music in the UK. This is an exciting opportunity for you to become a member of the RMA Student Committee where you will have a personal hand in shaping the RMA’s student activities. As the RMA continues to prioritise and expand the benefits it offers to its student members this is a fantastic chance to gain valuable experience and to bring about positive changes for you and your peers. Serving on the Student Committee is a rewarding opportunity that puts you at the centre of RMA’s activities.

The Student Committee serves as a vital link between the RMA and the wider student body. It provides a supportive forum to encourage dialogue around music research, composition and performance. During two years of service, each member will act as a voice for students in the RMA and take an active role in shaping and promoting the Association’s activities. The RMA’s student activities involve research training, study days, a student blog, funding opportunities, and an annual international conference for research students.

Student Representative

As Student Representative you will act as editor of the student blog, commissioning and editing material to be published each month. You will play a leading role on the Student Committee (acting as chair in your second year), which involves running the biannual committee meetings and circulating minutes and agendas. You will also sit on the RMA Council for both years of your candidacy, as well as other committees including publications, events and finance. You will play an important role in organising the 2022 Research Student’s conference in your second year. You will also be expected to attend both annual conferences run by the RMA (in January and September), at which council and committee meetings are held, and for which your travel and accommodation will be reimbursed by the RMA.

Ordinary Member

As Ordinary Member, you will sit on the Student Committee and act as liaison between the student body and the Committee. You will be expected to attend both annual conferences for which you will receive expenses for travel and accommodation. You will also contribute to the student blog, which may take the form of writing posts yourself or recruiting contributors.


“Being an elected RMA Student Representative provides an excellent opportunity to network amongst fellow academics, a chance to contribute to the RMA Student Blog and its social media sites and to promote the RMA and all its activities both in the UK and abroad. I thoroughly enjoyed travelling to various parts of the UK, speaking to as many researchers as possible and listening to a whole array of excellent papers and keynotes. At the same time I had the opportunity to chair and lead the RMA student committee, encourage new ideas and thinking, and help to persuade the RMA Council to adopt new policies and procedures. I would recommend any of the roles the RMA has to offer and wish everyone the best of luck with their applications.”

Dr James Taylor (RMA Student Representative, 2015-2016)

“Being a Student Rep for the RMA has been an invaluable experience during my PhD. From the perspective of my budding academic career, it has allowed me to attend meetings and make decisions that would not usually be open to someone this junior. I have made many valuable contacts, as well as friendships. I organised a conference and a study day during my time in the role; these experiences eventually helped me to get a job as the RMA’s Research Skills Officer! To sum up, being a Student Rep is an opportunity to develop skills, get a deeper insight into the world of academia and gain an edge in your professional and academic profile.”  

Dr Núria Bonet (Associate Lecturer, University of Plymouth. RMA Student Representative, 2016-2017)

How to Apply

If you are interested in standing for election or would like further information, please contact Will Finch at Candidates are asked to provide a brief explanation (max. 300 words) of why you wish join the committee along with a short biography (max. 50 words). Applications should be made before 17.00 on Friday 20th December 2020.

An election will be held at the BFE/RMA Research Students’ Conference at the Open University. Before the paper ballot is taken, a public husting will be held where candidates will have the opportunity to deliver a brief pitch to promote their candidacy. Candidates are therefore encouraged to attend the conference.

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