*postponed* RMA ‘How to do Academia’ workshop – 28 Apr 2020, Cardiff

How to do Academia: What no one tells you – 28 April in Cardiff

This event has been postponed due to travel restrictions relating to coronavirus.

Research Skills Event

How much can I ask of my supervisor? How do I respond to reviewers? How do I get teaching? Where can I find out about this?

Entering the academic world can be daunting. How do we learn the rules and customs of the field and where can we turn to ask about the little details that no one told you about? This Research Skills workshop invited delegates to bring their own question and help answer others’ about ‘how to do academia’. Intended as an introduction to the PhD process, research students and other delegates will have a chance to ask all those questions no one has answered before.

Delegates are invited to send questions or suggestions in advance to Nuria Bonet <researchskills@rma.ac.uk>.

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