RMA Annual Conference 2020 update

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The ongoing uncertainty as a result of the coronavirus has meant that it remains unclear to the conference committee whether a face-to-face event in September would be possible, or if many people would be able to attend it. You may also have seen that other events around the same time have also been cancelled, or will be offered online.

In light of this extraordinary situation, the RMA Conferences Committee working with the planned hosts at Goldsmiths, University of London, have made the decision that the RMA Annual Conference will now take place online. This online showcase will represent the wide range of scholarship that we had intended to present at Goldsmiths; we are excited to be doing something that means the musicological community can still get together and exchange ideas in a time of isolation.

Our online event will take place on the dates originally planned for the conference (8-10 September 2020), and we hope that we will soon be able to provide more details of the programme and the ways that you can engage. As soon as these are available we will share them via the conference and RMA websites and the usual mailing lists.

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