Update on the RMA Annual Conference 2020

RMA 56th Annual Conference, Goldsmiths University of London 8-10 September 2020

The RMA and Goldsmiths are both hoping that the Annual Conference will be able to proceed as planned, and on the advertised dates. However, this is, of course, uncertain at the present time. We expect there to be further announcements as government and health advice continues to be updated.

While there is a chance that the conference may be postponed, or may need to consider alternative modes of delivery, we continue planning and preparing for the event, and we very much hope that we will be able to welcome you in September. 

However, at present, the situation at Goldsmiths as many other universities throughout the UK, is that significant work is being undertaken to move teaching and assessment online. In addition, many key staff are working remotely. This means that some aspects of organisation will be delayed, in particular the announcement of the programme and the opening of registration. Please accept our apologies for the delay; we expect that these may become available later in the year, and most likely in late April or May. 

Further announcements regarding the conference will be made as further information becomes available: please look out for these on the RMA and conference websites, and other music mailing lists.”

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