In addition to the Small Research Grants and support for Study Days offered by the RMA, there are numerous other organisations that offer grants for postgraduate research. Some organisations also offer small grants for one-off research trips or to help fund conference attendance.

Funding Bodies

Arts and Humanities Research Council: The AHRC  “supports research within a huge subject domain from traditional humanities subjects, such as history, modern languages and English literature, to the creative and performing arts”. The AHRC offers numerous funding opportunities for doctoral students and early career academics.

British Council: The British Council website provides information about funding opportunities for overseas students.

Higher Education Funding Council for England: The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) “promotes and funds high-quality, cost-effective teaching and research, meeting the diverse needs of students, the economy and society”. HEFCE usually provides funding directly to institutions.

Higher Education Funding Council for Wales: The Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) exists “to develop and sustain internationally excellent higher education in Wales, for the benefit of individuals, society and the economy, in Wales and more widely”. HEFCW usually provides funding directly to institutions.

Scottish Funding Council: The Scottish Funding Council (SFC) “provides financial support for teaching, research and associated activities in Scottish higher education institutions”. The SFC only provides funding directly to institutions.

Students Award Agency for Scotland: The Students Award Agency for Scotland (SAAS) offers funding to eligible students in higher education.

Small Research Grants

Louise Dyer Fund: The Musica Britannica’s Louise Dyer Fund offers small grants for students working on British music. Applications are sought by means of circulars to heads of departments sent annually during the autumn term. Awards are announced in January.