Dent Medal for 2018 awarded to Inga Mai Groote

The Dent Medal, struck in memory of the distinguished scholar and musician Edward J. Dent (1876-1957), has been awarded by the Royal Musical Association annually since 1961 to recipients selected for their outstanding contribution to musicology.

A list of candidates is drawn up by the Council of the Association and the Directorium of the International Musicological Society.

The Dent Medal for 2018 is awarded to Inga Mai Groote.

Inga Mai Groote is Professor of Musicology at the Musikwissenschaftliches Institut in the University of Zurich. She read Musicology, History, and Italian Philology at the University of Bonn and has held positions at the universities of Munich, Fribourg and Heidelberg. Her current research concentrates on early modern and late 19th-century music history, and on the history of music theory (including a project in the Heidelberg Collaborative Research Centre ‘Material Text Cultures’); she is also part of an international research project investigating the role of collective musical memory in pre-modern Europe (‘Sound Memories’, HERA-JRP, 2016-19). Professor Groote’s published work ranges over three centuries of European musical practice. Her books include: Musik in italienischen Akademien, Studien zur institutionellen Musikpflege, 1543-1666 (2007); Musik in der Geschichte – zwischen Funktion und Autonomie (2010); she was editor, with Laurenz Lütteken, of two volumes: Normierung und Pluralisierung: Struktur und Funktion der Motette im 15. Jahrhundert (2012) and Wagner Handbuch (2012) and, with Iain Fenlon, of Heinrich Glarean’s Books: The Intellectual World of a Sixteenth-Century Musical Humanist (2013). Her Habilitation monograph is Östliche Ouvertüren. Russische Musik in Paris 1870-1913 (2014). Her latest publication, Eine Geographie der Triosonate: Beiträge zur Gattungsgeschichte im Europäischen Raum is an edited volume examining the ‘cultural geography’ of the trio sonata in Europe throughout the 17th and 18th centuries (with Matteo Giuggioli).

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