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RMA Student Committee

The RMA Student Committee liaises between the wider student body and the RMA, acting as a voice for students in the RMA and taking an active role in shaping and promoting student-related activities of the RMA.

Who we are

The RMA Student Committee is led by the two RMA Student Representatives. It also includes up to four Ordinary Student Members, the Student Liaison Officer, the Research Training Officer, the Communications Officer, and the Trustee. Information about the current Committee can be found below. More information on RMA Officers can be found here.

Student members of the committee are elected annually and stand for two years. Information on Student Committee elections are announced in September or October.

What we do

Our work includes canvassing students for their opinions on RMA-related student matters, fielding issues raised by students, promoting the RMA in our departments and helping organise the annual Research Students’ Conference.

If you have an idea for something the RMA could do for students, or if you want to raise any other issues, please contact one of our student representatives.

Student Representatives

Barbora VackovaBarbora Vacková (Student Representative, 2021-2023)

Barbora Vacková is a PhD candidate and recipient of the Scholarship in Contemporary Music Studies at the University of Huddersfield. Her research project focuses on conditions for female compositional activity in Czechoslovakia under state socialism (1948-1989). Vacková has presented her research at several international conferences and her thesis on Scottish-Czech composer Geraldine Mucha was awarded the Prize of the Czech Minister of Education in 2017. On 1-2 April 2022, Vacková is co-organizing an online RMA Study Day(s) “Women and Gender in Art Music of the Eastern Bloc: Current Perspectives, Future Directions.”


Nyle Bevan-Clark (Student Representative, 2022-2024)Nyle Bevan-Clark

Nyle is a second-year postgraduate researcher in Music at the University of Southampton. His research is interdisciplinary, and he is co-supervised by the Department of Sociology at the University of Bristol. Nyle’s current research project asks what the ethnographic study of local music-making experiences in post-industrial South Wales can tell us about community, class, and identity. His research encompasses everything from pub singalongs to Elvis impersonators! He completed his undergraduate study in Music at Southampton before completing an MA in Music Studies at Cardiff University.


Ordinary Student Members

David Dewar (Ordinary member, 2021-2023)David Dewar

David Dewar is a 3rd year PhD student in Musicology at Bristol, looking at interrelationships between professional and amateur musicians in Britain in the early 20th century. Career as performer for approx. 30 years as conductor, organist, harpsichordist, and horn player. Interested in practical and interdisciplinary uses of music for physical and mental wellbeing in ‘Long-COViD’.


Niamh Gibbs (Ordinary member, 2022-2024)

Niamh is violinist, pianist, and composer from London with many years of experience across different genres of the music industry. She is currently a PhD scholarship recipient at the London College of Music, where her research focuses on the use of music and sound design to evoke Romantic aesthetics of ‘The Uncanny’ and supernatural. As a violinist, she has performed in recording studios, orchestras, theatre productions and events including the BBC’s 75th Holocaust Memorial Day Ceremony. Her compositions range from soundtracks to sound design and original songs which have been featured on radio stations and commended in high profile music competitions including the 2020 Tune Into Nature Music Prize. As well as being a member of the Royal Music Association Student Committee, she is also an Equality Champion at her university, helping advocate for more inclusive policy, environments, and access for marginalised communities in higher education. 


Student Liaison Officer

Susan Bagust

Research Training Officer

Nuria Bonet

Communications Officer

Ellen Falconer
Ellen Falconer is currently a doctoral student at Royal College of Music, London. Ellen’s research focusses on pianist-composer Alfredo Casella, and Italian Modernist piano music during the Fascist regime. Unlike the music of other dictatorial regimes, the music of Fascist Italy has undergone little scrutiny. Alfredo Casella (1883-1947) was heralded as the leader and hero of Italian Modernism by musical peers and academics alike, yet little scholarship exists on his compositional practice, musical style, and cultural legacy. Ellen’s project looks specifically at Casella’s solo piano music, and four-hand piano music; which will be recorded throughout her programme. Ellen’s project will provide an authoritative historical and cultural understanding of how to interpret and perform Casella’s piano music, and will present the rationale for a revision as to musicologists, composers and performers’ understanding of his music.
Previously, Ellen completed her MMus in Performance at Goldsmiths, University of London; and undergraduate degrees with Honours in Music Performance and Art History and Curatorship at the Australian National University.


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