RMA Student Election

Call for Candidates

The RMA Student Committee is looking for postgraduate research student candidates for three positions starting in January 2022.

The Committee is responsible for a variety of tasks including aiding with the organisation of student events, encouraging student participation, representing students in other RMA committees and at Council, and maintaining the student section of the RMA website. It meets at least three times a year: a virtual meeting in May, an in-person meeting in September at the RMA annual conference, and a final in-person meeting at the January RMA Research Students’ Conference. Successful candidates are eligible to claim expenses for costs necessarily incurred in attending RMA meetings (for example, travel expenses) in line with the RMA’s expenses policy.

As a member of the RMA Student Committee, you will have the opportunities to gain experience in editing and curating research-related blog content, peer review and conference organising, student engagement, committee leadership, and teamwork. There are also opportunities to provide student input to help shape RMA policies, programmes, and events, and to network with students and academic staff from across the UK and beyond.

The Committee aims to represent the wide scope of music student experiences and perspectives. We strongly encourage interested students to consider putting their name forward, to contact departmental staff for help in writing an application, and to write to the RMA Student Committee with any questions.  

Questions about the application and election process can be sent to Elsa Marshall

Members of the Student Committee are happy to discuss their experiences. Their contact information can be found here.

The available positions are as follows:

Student Representative

One two-year position

In the first year, this position involves aiding the Chair (second-year student representative) in the organisation of the Student Committee, acting as a student representative in other RMA committees and Council, and taking leadership responsibilities. In the second year, the student representative becomes the Chair of the RMA Student Committee and takes on further duties on other committees.

Ordinary Members

Two two-year positions

Ordinary members provide input and suggestions at Student Committee meetings and facilitate RMA student activities (i.e. the student blog, conference organisation, and events).


Candidates must be postgraduate research students. Student Representatives must be resident predominantly in the UK throughout their term in office. Ordinary Members may be resident anywhere.

Candidates do not currently need to be RMA members to put forward an application. However, they must become RMA student members once elected. Click here for more on RMA membership.

Candidates may only hold their position within the student committee for as long they are an RMA Student Member. Candidates are generally expected to continue being students well into the final year of their position.

Application Process

Applications will be accepted until 11:59 pm on November 7, 2021. Please send applications and questions to the Chair of the Student Committee, Elsa Marshall.

In an email, please also provide the following information, which will be published on the online voting page.

  1. Your name, affiliation, and current degree.

  2. List which of the above positions you would like to run for in order of preference.
  3. A brief biography. Make sure to draw attention to the skills, perspectives, and experiences within the RMA and outside of it that you think will be beneficial to the student committee. (200 words max)

  4. An explanation for your interest in joining the committee as well as ideas for future projects, improvements, and/or aims you would like to pursue in the role. (200 words max)

Election Procedure

Voting will take place from mid-November to January 6 at 11:59pm.

Positions will be allocated based on number of votes, and then by availability of preferred positions. Elected members who are not RMA student members yet will be asked to become one ASAP.

Elected candidates will be invited to attend the RMA Student Committee meeting (virtually or in-person) on January 8 at lunchtime. For further details, please write to Elsa.

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