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The RMA hosts and supports a huge number of events each year, from flagship conferences to study days, workshops and chapter meetings.We also invite applications for conference affiliation, which can include assistance with publicity and branding, or financial support if required. RMA Events are overseen by our Events Committee (see RMA Committees).

Event Listings

Society for Musicology in Ireland

27 May 21 - 30 May 21


21 Jun 21 - 23 Jun 21


1 Jul 21 - 2 Jul 21

King's College London

3 Jul 21 - 4 Jul 21


Re-appraising a Musical Visionary

3 Jul 21 - 4 Jul 21

University of Huddersfield

8th International Conference

28 Jul 21 - 30 Jul 21


Music Studies in the Age of Abundance

8 Sep 21 - 10 Sep 21

University of Birmingham / online

25 Jan 22 - 27 Jan 22


RMA Events

An Annual Conference open to performers, composers and researchers of all musical disciplines, usually held in early September.

Research Students’ Conference for postgraduate and early career researchers, run in partnership with the British Forum for Ethnomusicology. This is usually held in early January and includes career development events in addition to paper, poster and lecture recital presentations, workshops and concerts.

A series of Study Days on a variety of topics. Anyone can put forward a proposal to run a study day with assistance from the RMA.

Past Events

We maintain an archive list of those events that have been run by, sponsored by or affiliated to the Association.