BFE/RMA Research Students’ Conference

The BFE/RMA Research Students’ Conference is sponsored jointly by the British Forum for Ethnomusicology and the Royal Musical Association. Open to postgraduates studying in the UK or abroad, the conference provides an opportunity for research students to meet together in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, to gain experience of the conference environment (as listeners, participants, and chairs), to present and to hear papers, to take part in workshops, and to gain insights into the profession. Each year, the programme includes skills training sessions, student papers, composition and performance workshops, concerts, and social events. Find out more about the RMA Student Committee and activities on the Student Blog.

Download BFE/RMA Research Students Conference Handbook for conference hosts, organizing and programme committees

Call for expressions of interest in hosting the January 2021 BFE-RMA Research Students’ Conference

The BFE and RMA seek partnerships with universities, conservatories, and other interested bodies across the UK in the hosting of the Research Students’ Conference in January 2021. The BFE and RMA support each conference through the work of members of their governing bodies, with a financial grant, and (in the case of the RMA) through financial support for the Roche lecture, which provides for the prize-winner of the Association’s award to deliver a keynote address.

Forthcoming Research Students’ Conferences

The 2019 BFE/RMA Research Students’ Conference is scheduled from Thursday 10 to Saturday 12 January at the University of Sheffield. Visit the conference website ¦ Download the Call for Papers.

The 2020 BFE/RMA Research Students’ Conference is scheduled from Thursday 9 to Saturday 11 January at the the Open University’s campus in Milton Keynes.

Recent Research Students’ Conferences