Conference affiliation

Conference affiliation

The RMA welcomes proposals from conference organisers for the affiliation of their events to the RMA. Benefits of affiliation include:

  • free advertising of the event through the RMA website and social media accounts
  • free, or reduced cost circulation of information through RMA mailings to members
  • access to advice and support from RMA Officers and members of the Events Committee

In addition, the Committee will consider applications for financial support. Conference affiliation grants will not normally exceed £750 (£450 for a one-day event/study day).

In line with the RMA’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, we encourage applications from across the full spectrum of music studies, including individuals from currently underrepresented groups.

How to apply 

Conference organisers can apply for both affiliation and financial support using this Application Form, which must be completed and returned to We have two deadlines for application each year: 15 March, and  30 October. Applications received by the deadlines will receive consideration within two months.

Applications for retrospective conference grants will not be considered. If your conference or event occurs close to or just after the next deadline, and there is a clear reason why it could not have been submitted before the previous deadline, please still submit your application as usual. Consideration will be given to an urgent decision but we cannot guarantee this.

The post-event report guidance (below) includes important notes on the RMA’s expectations which we ask you to read in advance of submitting your application.

To be considered for affiliation/funding, conferences must:

When considering applications, the Committee will prioritise events that, in the Committee’s judgement:

  • make a fresh contribution to development of the discipline;
  • are accessible to the Association’s membership;
  • have a realistic and achievable business plan

The Association does not usually offer repeat financial support for recurring events unless the location or theme are substantially different. We expect that RMA members will be able to benefit directly (usually from exclusive registration discounts at least).

RMA Expectations and Post-Event Reporting

Where the RMA makes a financial contribution to a conference or study day, we require organisers to report back on the event before funds can be released.

The post-event report guidance includes important notes on the RMA’s expectations which we ask you to read in advance of submitting your application.

The RMA has established a scheme for displaced music researchers designed to offer free membership, mentorship and support to scholars from any country who have been displaced from their jobs or (doctoral) studies as a result of conflict and/or political circumstances. Therefore, conference organisers are strongly encouraged to donate to this fund any surplus they make above the level of the RMA subsidy in order to help those most in need of this urgent support.