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The RMA has three new openings for Ordinary Members of Council (OMC) and one for Vice-President. If you’d like to come and join us, and help run the Association for the benefit of all its members, we’d love to hear from you.

We are particularly looking for new Council members who will support and help take forward our initiatives to become a more diverse Association, open to all aspects of music research and practice. Those working in areas currently underrepresented on Council are especially welcome. One of the OMC vacancies this round is reserved for an Early Career researcher (broadly defined as 5 years or fewer post-PhD award).

To apply, please secure a nomination from an existing member of the RMA, who will then put your name forward. Application for Vice-President can only be made via a nomination from a current member of the RMA Council. The closing date for nominations is Friday 23 April 2021. You do not need to be an RMA member at the time of your nomination, but membership is mandatory for anyone taking up an elected position.

A statement of candidacy is required by 15 May 2021 and this should be sent direct to the Chair of Search Committee, Prof. Pauline Fairclough: 

The statement should contain the following:

  1. Name and current occupation/role
  2. Relevant previous positions
  3. Short résumé of research
  4. Any honours
  5. Administrative experience; committee positions held
  6. Personal statement

You are also advised to write a couple of continuous paragraphs, not to provide numbered points. The ‘personal statement’ really means a few words about what you’d hope to contribute as a member of Council, and is the most important part of your statement. The whole statement should be written in the first person. Results will be announced at the AGM of the Annual Conference in September 2021.

Elected Ordinary Members of Council will serve for 3 years starting 1 January 2022; the term for Vice-President is 5 years. OMCs will be asked to serve on one or more of the existing committees (please see the pages on Council and Committees on the RMA website) and attend the three main Council meetings held annually: at the conferences in January and September, and the summer meeting in May. Attendance can be in person or virtual. Depending on which committee you are asked to serve on, there may be additional meetings; those held outside conferences are likely to be virtual. The RMA is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and supports members for whom virtual attendance is preferable; we also support those who wish to travel in-person to conferences and meetings by paying conference fees (early bird only) and standard travel/accommodation costs (up to a maximum of two nights). Vice Presidents will be asked to chair one of the existing committees and serve on at least one other.

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