RMA Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Survey 2021

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The Royal Musical Association promotes diversity and equality in respect of race, gender, and any other characteristic by which people identify themselves or are identified by others. The encouragement of such diversity is an explicit goal in the development of membership, the selection of candidates for elected or remunerated office, the consideration of candidates for awards, the consideration of submissions for presentation at RMA conferences or for publication, and in every other aspect of the Association’s activities.

The RMA Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group was set up in autumn 2020 in order to raise awareness within the RMA and to recommend actions to Council in relation to EDI issues. The aim of the Working Group is to embed EDI thinking and practices into all RMA committees and activities. As part of working towards a more equitable and inclusive RMA, we are seeking our members’ views on a number of central issues.

Thank you for taking part in this important survey. You can access the survey here

Equality is a fundamental part of a fair society in which everyone can have the best possible chance to succeed in life.

Diversity means recognising that everyone is different in a variety of visible and non-visible ways, and that those differences are to be recognised, respected, and valued.

Inclusion is the active creation of a learning, working and social environment that is welcoming, which recognises and celebrates difference, and that is reflected in its structures, practices and attitudes. 

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