Nominations Open for RMA Council

The RMA has four new openings for Ordinary Members of Council (OMC), one for Vice-President and one for the President-elect. If you’d like to come and join us, and help run the Association for the benefit of all its members, we’d love to hear from you.

We are particularly looking for new Council members who will support and help take forward our initiatives to become a more diverse Association. We would like to encourage nominations that reflect the full diversity of music studies and from individuals who self-identify as members of groups that are often under-represented in the RMA and music academia more broadly. We are actively working towards making our activities fully accessible and our meetings are virtual or hybrid.  We would welcome representation from colleagues with a particular understanding or experience of disability. 

To apply for Ordinary Member of Council, you may either secure a nomination from an existing member of the RMA, who will then put your name forward; or contact Barbara Kelly ( or Laudan Nooshin ( directly with an expression of interest. The closing date for nominations is Friday 29 April 2022. You do not need to be an RMA member at the time of your nomination, but membership is mandatory for anyone taking up an elected position.  

Application for Vice-President and President-elect can only be made via a nomination from a current member of the RMA Council. For further details, please see the RMA Website.

Once you have been nominated, there is a second stage in the process: you need to prepare a ‘statement of candidacy’ (no more than a single A4 page). This then goes out with the list of names to the RMA membership over the summer, so everyone who is eligible to vote will read it. 

The statement should contain the following information (bullet points should be avoided):

1.    Name and current occupation/role

2.    Relevant previous positions

3.    Short résumé of research

4.    Any honours

5.    Administrative experience; committee positions held

6.    Personal statement

The ‘personal statement’ really means a few words about what you’d hope to contribute as a member of Council and is the most important part of your statement. The whole statement should be written in the first person. Please send this to the Chair of Search Committee ( 27 May 2022.

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