RMA LGBTQI Music Study Group

Terms of Reference

The RMA Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer and Intersex Study Group exists to promote queer musicology as a branch of contemporary musical scholarship by

  • convening panels of speakers on relevant themes at the RMA’s flagship conferences
  • creating spaces for LGBTQI members of the RMA to meet, including a business meeting at the Annual Conference as well as less formal social spaces for networking and support
  • holding study days affiliated to the RMA to build scholarship and pedagogy on LGBTQI related themes
  • providing a two-way channel (via the Chair) for the views and wishes of RMA LGBTQI members to the RMA EDI Working Group and the international LGBTQ+ Music Study group
  • using its presence on social media and at RMA events to act as a conduit for news and to raise awareness of non-RMA queer-related events, conferences, symposia, and activist gatherings and actions in music
  • developing resources related to queer scholarship and pedagogy for RMA members to access
  • networking with other LGBTQI associations and subgroups within music to share information and inspiration, and to coordinate activities. 

The RMA LGBTQI Music Study Group has a policy of zero tolerance towards racism, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination, and it abides by the code of conduct by which the RMA itself expects its members to abide.

Full terms of reference