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Council Members & Officers

Council Members

Council Members are Directors of the company and Trustees of the charity.

President and past presidents; vice presidents; ordinary members; officers and associates

President (2011-2014 and 2014-2017)

Professor Mark Everist
University of Southampton

Hon. Treasurer

Valerie James

Immediate Past President

Professor Philip Olleson
University of Nottingham (RMA President 2008-2011)

Past Presidents

Professor John Deathridge
King's College London (RMA President, 2005-2008)

Hugh Cobbe OBE FSA
Former Head of British Collections and Head of Music (1985-2001) at the British Library (RMA President, 2002-2005)

Professor Sir Curtis Price
New College, Oxford (RMA President, 1999-2002)

Professor Julian Rushton
University of Leeds (RMA President, 1994-1999)

Professor Brian Trowell
University of Oxford (RMA President 1984-1989)

Vice Presidents

(maximum of six; appointed annually)

Dr Leanne Langley (to 2015)

Professor Jan Smaczny (to 2016)
Queen's University Belfast

Professor Rachel Cowgill (to 2017)
University of Huddersfield

Chris Banks (to 2018)
Imperial College London

Barbara Kelly (to 2019)
Keele University

Ordinary Members of Council

(serving for three calendar years)

To 2015:

Dr Keith Chapin
Cardiff University

Dr Annette Davison
University of Edinburgh

Dr Elaine Kelly
University of Edinburgh

To 2016:

Dr Pauline Fairclough
University of Bristol

Dr Monika Hennemann
Cardiff University

Dr Nanette Nielsen
University of Nottingham

Dr Justin Williams
University of Bristol

To 2017:

Laudan Nooshin
City University, London

Catherine Tackley
The Open University

Simon McVeigh
Goldsmiths, University of Londonl

RMA Officers and Associates

Those listed below are entitled to attend Council meetings and may take part freely in discussion but may not vote on decisions.

Executive Officer

Dr Jeffrey Dean

Membership Development Officer

Katy Hamilton

Student Liaison Officer

Susan Bagust

Student Representatives

James Taylor (2015-2017)
University of Bristol

Nuria Bonet (2016-2018)
Plymouth University

Chairs of Events Committee and Publications Committee

Chair of the Publications Committee

Simon Keefe
University of Glasgow

Chair of the Events Committee

Professor Thomas Schmidt

Convenor of the Scottish Chapter

Dr Eva Moreda Rodriguez
University of Glasgow

Representative to Society for Musicology in Ireland

Dr Aidan Thomson
Queen's University Belfast

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