RMA to help the Royal Netherlands Musicological Society to celebrate its 150th birthday

At the age of 150, the Royal Netherlands Musicological Society (KVNM) is the oldest musical learned society in the world. As part of its anniversary celebrations it is hosting a conference in Utrecht on 22–4 November 2018 on “Musicological societies as intermediaries between society, musical life and academia”. As the second oldest society of its kind, the RMA is sending along a delegation to wish its elder sibling a happy birthday and to present the conference’s opening panel session.

Also helping the KVNM to celebrate are representatives of musical learned societies from Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland.

RMA’s contribution deals with the Association’s “Changing role: past, present and future”. Our four panellists are each giving a short presentation, Simon McVeigh on “the public responsibilities of a learned musical society today”, Barbara Kelly on “musicological collaboration between the UK and France in the early 20th century”, Warwick Edwards on the RMA’s activities and “the challenge of representing every branch of a diverse discipline”, Mieko Kanno on “craftsmanship in music and musical institutions”. The session will conclude with a discussion between all present of the issues raised.

The conference concludes with the presentation of a proposal from our Dutch colleagues to found a Network of European Musicological Societies (NEMS).

Registration for the event has opened, and the programme is now available.

RMA panellists at the conference would be very interested to hear from RMA members thinking of coming along to the event as well as from all those with ideas on how RMA might develop its international links further as it approaches its own 150th birthday in 2024. Please contact Warwick Edwards.

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