Coronavirus / COVID-19 Update on RMA Journals

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Due to the impact of coronavirus, and the steps needed to combat the pandemic, Cambridge University Press (CUP) are experiencing significant disruption to the supply chain for the manufacture and distribution of printed journals, as well as challenges with delivery services. CUP have therefore had to pause printing journal issues for the time being.

CUP will continue to publish all issues online. They hope and expect to resume printing in the near future, as soon as the effects of this global disruption have subsided. Any issues that have been missed during the intervening period will still be printed and delivered at some point in the future.

RMA members can access Journal of the Royal Musical Association and RMA Research Chronicle (including past issues) online, by logging in to the Members Area of the RMA website ( and selecting the “Online Journals” link.

See our Update on coronavirus / COVID-19 for more information on the impact of the pandemic on RMA activities and how we are responding.

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