Have your say on Music Library services and the impact of new technologies and bibliographic techniques

Young woman listening to the music sitting on a heap of books in a library

The Music Libraries Trust (MLT) are hosting two questionnaires, one for Library Users and one for Library Staff, to explore the impact of new technologies and bibliographic techniques upon the provision of library services and the work of librarians. The Music Libraries Trust would like to find out how RMA members (among others) currently use music libraries, and what changes in the service provision we would like to see in the future. The aim of this research project is to help make Music Libraries more responsive to their users.

Completing the form takes about 20 minutes and the deadline for completion is 9am on 3 August 2020, but an earlier reply would be much appreciated.

Link for library users: https://www.musiclibrariestrust.org/news/2020/6/18/survey-of-music-library-users-in-the-uk-and-ireland

Link for library staff: https://www.musiclibrariestrust.org/news/2020/6/18/survey-of-music-library-staff-in-the-uk-and-ireland

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