Practice Research Study Group

Hand holding pencil writing on music manuscript paper

The Practice Research Study Group has a new website to collate news and good practice from across UK Practice Research in Music (and beyond):

The Study Group focusses on the needs and interests of Practice/Artistic Researchers across Music in HE. Aiming for as broad a church as possible, this includes (but is not limited to) composers, performers, sound-artists, improvisers, computer musicians, live-coders, historically-informed, experimental music and others. Equally, we welcome any researchers in areas not normatively considered as ‘practice’ but where researchers may have practice-based outputs, such as ethnomusicology, psychology, or popular music and production. The group’s activities include liaising with research funding bodies, maintaining open dialogue with related disciplines and their subject associations, working to improve access to a diverse range of good practice in documentation of practice research, and ensuring that Practice Researchers have consistent sources of advice about requirements for national-level exercises such as research audits.

The Study Group hopes to return to more regular activity in the coming year. Please contact Scott McLaughlin with enquiries or suggestions.

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