RMA Research Chronicle Student Paper Prize

The editors of the Royal Music Association Research Chronicle (RMARC) are delighted to announce the journal’s first student-paper prize, organized in collaboration with the 2022 BFE/RMA Research Students’ Conference.

Participation is open to all speakers (in-person or online) at the 2022 BFE/RMA Research Students’ Conference hosted by the University of Plymouth. Papers should fall under the remit of RMARC – i.e. to publish submissions from all areas of music research that make extensive use of primary sources such as recordings, digital-borne files, results of ethnographic work, and/or archival materials.

How to enter

To enter, please submit your paper to the RMARC editors (Florian.Scheding@bristol.ac.uk and Eva.MoredaRodriguez@glasgow.ac.uk) by 11 February 2022. The written submission should closely match the paper delivered at the conference. You should add in-text references or footnotes and a bibliography at the end, but you are not expected in this initial submission to adapt the text for publication as a journal article.

The script must be submitted as an .odt, .doc or .docx file. The text should be double spaced and in a commonly used font (e.g. Times New Roman, Arial, Colibri), size 11 or 12. Figures, musical examples and links are permitted as long as they are essential to the comprehension of the paper. You may use any referencing style of your choice.


The entries will be judged by the two editors of RMARC, and the winner will be announced in April 2022.

The winner will receive a £100 book token from Cambridge University Press as well as mentorship from the editors of RMARC to develop and expand their submission for publication.

The submission will then be published in RMARC, subject to satisfactory peer-review, as per the journal’s usual procedures.

Please feel free to contact one or both editors of the journal for any questions.

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