RMA Practice Research Study Day Report

The inaugural RMA Practice Research Study Day took place on 16 July, 2023 at the University of Leeds. This was an in-person event hosted in the School of Music organised by Niki Zohdi and Dr. Scott McLaughlin. The intention behind holding this event was to give the opportunity to practice researchers across the country to meet, network and chat about the processes of practice research. Around thirteen participants attended the event, with one attendee travelling from Ireland. Composers and performers made up the majority of attendees, but a small number of non-practice researchers, such as musicologists, also attended adding an additional dimension and perspective to the discussions.

Two main discussions took place both of which were fluid and open. The first session was a discussion and sharing session on forming composer/performer relationships led by Niki Zohdi and Ed Cooper. In this session, we shared individual experiences of collaboration with others and discussed processes of forming good relationships with potential collaborators. This led onto other related topics and experiences. After lunch, the second session took place: a discussion and sharing session on combining theory with practice led by Scott McLaughlin. Like the first session, this was also fluid and led onto other related topics.

Many purposeful and thought-provoking conversations took place throughout the day between all participants opening up a space for all to share experiences as practitioners as well as to network with each other. This study day was held as opportunities for practice researchers throughout the country to meet and converse have been infrequent. We look forward to organising a second RMA Practice Research Study Day in the near future.

Report by Niki Zohdi.

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