Call for papers: RMA Study day, ‘The Pipe Organ as a Site for Musical and Technological Innovation’

Proposals are invited for a Royal Musical Association study day hosted by and in collaboration with City, University of London.

Successive generations of organ builders have developed the instrument’s sound potential, and this has been capitalized on by organists and composers. Often, increasingly elaborate mechanisms were devised to achieve this, but innovation need not be synonymous with complexity, and simplification can also foster inventiveness. We welcome proposals that consider developments of the present century, particularly concerning hyperorgans, novel sound works that utilize the organ, and how these intersections are influencing pipe organ culture. We will also consider papers discussing how established aspects of pipe organ design and music were revolutionary when first introduced.

Please submit your proposal as a separate email attachment to, including the following information:

  • Title of proposed paper,
  • Abstract (max. 300 words),
  • Name as you would like it to appear on the conference programme,
  • Institutional affiliation (where relevant),
  • Short biography (max. 250 words).

Final papers must not exceed 20 minutes. There will be no pipe organ in the conference space, but normal audiovisual presentation facilities will be available.

The submission deadline for proposals is Monday 1st April 2024, and the conference will take place on Friday 6th September 2024. All proposals will receive a decision by the beginning of May 2024.

Keynote speaker:                      Hans Fidom (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam),

Organizing committee:              John Forster (City, University of London)—conference organizer,

Andrew McCrea (Royal College of Organists),

Katharine Pardee (University of Oxford),

Stephen Cottrell (City, University of London).

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