RMA Council

The RMA Council consists of a President, six Vice Presidents and between seven and ten Ordinary Members. All Council members are appointed for a three-year term, and work in conjunction with the Honorary Treasurer, Officers of the Association, and other committee members to run the organisation. Any member of the RMA can be nominated to stand for Council membership, and elections are held at the Annual General Meeting. Council members are Directors of the company and Trustees of the charity, and oversee its governance.

Student representatives also attend Council meetings, as do representatives of the RMA Scottish and South-East Asia Chapters, and the Society for Musicology in Ireland.

simon-mcveigh-mini Mark_Everist
Simon McVeigh, President
Valerie James,
Honorary Treasurer
Mark Everist, Immediate Past President
(2011-2014 and 2014-2017)
Chris Banks Barbara Kelly
Chris Banks,
Vice President (to 2018)
Barbara Kelly,
Vice President (to 2019)
Warwick Edwards,
Vice President (to 2020)
Pauline Fairclough,
Vice President (to 2021)
Sarah Hibberd
Vice President (to 2022)
Julian Horton,
Ordinary Member (to 2018)
Mieko Kanno,
Ordinary Member (to 2018)
Michael Spitzer,
Ordinary Member (to 2018)
Andrew Kirkman,
Ordinary Member (to 2019)
Caroline Rae
Cormac Newark,
Ordinary Member (to 2019)
Caroline Rae,
Ordinary Member (to 2019)
Piers Hellawell,
Ordinary Member (to 2019)
| |  
Chris Collins,
Ordinary Member (to 2020)
Natasha Loges,
Ordinary Member (to 2020)
Deborah Mawer,
Ordinary Member (to 2020)