RMA Book Prizes

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Nominations are invited for the RMA’s two annual book prizes, sponsored by Cambridge University Press.

RMA/Cambridge University Press Monograph Prize

£500 in books

This prize will be awarded in recognition of a musicological monograph study focused on any under-represented cultural groups, as defined by (for example) gender, race, sexuality, cultural and religious heritage.

RMA/Cambridge University Press Outstanding Edited Collection Book Prize 

£500 in books

This prize will be awarded in recognition of an outstanding edited collection in the field of musicological practice, which can be considered as significantly shaping its field of study, and which embodies the RMA’s commitment to promoting diversity and equality. Submissions should include a statement clearly explaining how the collection meets these published criteria. The prize will be awarded to the collection’s editor(s).

Nomination Process

Each prize will be adjudicated by a dedicated panel, who will consider any book (from any publisher) that meets the prize criteria and has a copyright date of 2020.

To be considered, nominations, including self-nominations, should be made to the chair of the awards committee, Dr Elaine Kelly (elaine.kelly@ed.ac.uk), by 1 April 2021. Nominators must arrange with the chair of the awards committee for a copy of the nominated book to be sent individually to each member of the relevant prize panel, and are responsible for arranging with the publishers to have copies sent out. The RMA will not under any circumstances purchase copies for consideration for any prize.

The prizes will be announced at the Annual General Meeting, held each September during the RMA’s Annual Conference.

Prize Panels

Chair of Awards Committee
Dr Elaine Kelly

RMA/Cambridge University Press Monograph
Rebecca Herissone
Sarah Hibberd (Chair)
Catherine Tackley

RMA/Cambridge University Press Outstanding Edited Collection
Nicola Dibben
Pauline Fairclough
Elaine Kelly (Chair)

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