Submissions deadline for RMA annual conference extended

Submissions deadline extended for RMA annual conference 

New extended deadline: Friday 12 January, 2024. 

RMA@150: Conference to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the association

11-13 September 2024, Senate House and the British Library

The Royal Musical Association turns 150 years old in 2024 and we will be marking the occasion at the annual conference, which will take place at Senate House on 11 and 12 September and at the British Library on 13 September. Keynote lectures will be given by Catherine A. Bradley and Alex Ross. As the second oldest scholarly musical association, we are keen to involve colleagues from all over the musical globe.

In addition to the usual call for papers, we will be devoting a portion of the conference to a reflection on music research past, present and future. The RMA was established to promote ‘the art and science of music’ and so its remit goes well beyond musicology to include practice research, music education, music psychology and other subdisciplinary areas within music studies. We are also interested in exploring the place of music research within the wider music musical culture.

We encourage papers, panels, posters and lecture recitals on the following themes:

• Continuities, discontinuities and junctures in music research over the past 150 years
• Internationalisation and globalisation of music research
• The role and place of national and international music societies
• Researching music within national traditions
• The contribution of the RMA to the development of music studies
• The fragmentation of music research into sub-disciplines
• The relationship between musicology and contemporary music
• The role of music research with broader musical culture
• The relationship between music research and music journalism/criticism
• Current issues in music publishing
• Musical anniversaries including (but not limited to) Schoenberg, Fauré, and Jolivet

One day will be held at the British Library where the archives of the RMA are located. Themes for this day include:
• British Library music collections (encompassing manuscripts, archives, printed editions and sound recordings), with a stress on hitherto under-represented repertories or groups
• National and transnational public and private musical collections
• The role of libraries, collectors & collections over time
• National and transnational public and private musical collections

In addition, we will also be accepting papers, panels, posters, composition workshops, and lecture recitals that fall outside of these themes.

We welcome the following:

• 20-minute individual paper presentations
• Themed sessions (up to 4 speakers, with chair, for 90-, or 120-minute sessions)
• Performance or composition workshops
• Lecture-recitals
• Poster presentations

Call for composition workshop on pieces for violin and piano (duo only, not solo violin or solo piano). Please note there is no provision for electronic playback or preparation of the piano. Score/draft submission should be accompanied by a short research narrative (up to 250 words) outlining the workshop focus in relation to your research topic/question.

Call for composition workshop on electronic music: stereo playback only, no subwoofer available. Submission of sound-file or score should be accompanied by a short research narrative (up to 250 words) outlining the workshop focus in relation to your research topic/question.

Abstracts should be 250 words for a 20-minute paper, lecture-recital, or poster presentation, and up to 1000 words for a themed session and for performance or composition workshops. Submissions will open on Friday 15 September 2023 with an extended deadline of Friday 12 January 2024. Email score or sound-file submissions to

Conference Committee: Dr Michelle Assay, Prof. Mark Berry, Dr Daniel Elphick, Sebastian Jorgensen, Prof. Barbara Kelly, Dr Leanne Langley, Dr Scott McLaughlin, Dr Rupert Ridgewell, Dr Tim Summers, and Prof. Magnus Williamson.

For queries, please email<>

For full details, see the RMA 150 website:

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