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The RMA organises and supports a number of conferences and study days throughout the year. These include the RMA Annual Conference and annual Research Students’ Conference, regular study days organised by postgraduate students, and annual events organised by the RMA Study Groups.

RMA Research Students’ Conference

The RMA Research Students’ Conference takes place in early January every year. It offers students a great introduction to academic conferences, whether through giving a paper or simply attending.

RMA Study Days

The RMA holds regular study days on a wide range of topics in the study of music.

RMA Study Groups

Three of the RMA’s Study Days were so popular that they developed into long-term study groups, which now organise events throughout the year: the RMA Music and Philosophy Study Group, the RMA Music and/as Process Study Group, and the RMA Music and Visual Arts Study Group.


Forthcoming Events

Early Keyboard Instruments: Repertoire, Use and Design (2 Sep 17) Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge
Conference on Women's Work in Music (4 Sep 17 to 7 Sep 17) Bangor University
Finding Democracy in Music (4 Sep 17 to 5 Sep 17) University of Huddersfield
RMA 53rd Annual Conference (7 Sep 17 to 9 Sep 17) University of Liverpool
Computer Simulation of Musical Creativity (11 Sep 17 to 13 Sep 17) The Open University
Representing Interiority in Eighteenth-Century Opera (11 Sep 17 to 12 Sep 17) University of Oxford
Exploring Xenakis: Performance, Practice, Philosophy (12 Sep 17) University of Leeds
Reawakening the ?Silver Age? of twentieth-century Operetta: Gaiety, Glitz and Glamour (14 Oct 17) Senate House, University of London
Music and Space: An RMA Study Day (28 Oct 17) University of Manchester
Sounding Out the Space: Spatiality of Sound (2 Nov 17 to 4 Nov 17) Dublin School of Creative Arts
BFE/RMA Research Students' Conference 2018: Music Inside and Out (4 Jan 18 to 6 Jan 18) University of Huddersfield
Ralph Vaughan Williams and the Church: An RMA Study Day (4 Jun 18) Durham University